Arksun Sound VST Instrument VSTi soundbanks


To push the sonic abilities of todays soft-synths in creating professional high quality useable sounds. 

My sounds are created whilst using the keyboard and so are geared towards performance playing, usually making good use of the mod wheel (sometimes changing the sound completely!) and aftertouch when available.

I only make presets I would be happy using myself in music production. Some sounds may be familiar but the primary emphasis is on creating interesting sounds, rather than attempting to copy only well known ones


Born 9th October 1976, I've always had a deep love for sound and music. From an early age I was mesmerised by records and music I heard in films and on TV. I used to learn how to play TV themes by ear on the piano and my first synth, a little Yamaha keyboard which had 8 second sampling chip on it. I loved to sample everything and anything. As the years progressed the composing side took over, from using my first pro keyboard, an Ensoniq ESQ1, to midi sequencing on my Amiga 500.
Once I had switched to PC's it started getting serious and so my path in life was chosen. With a strong taste in progressive and trance music in 96 I set out to release trance music and so my first release with Zone Recordings came about in 98. Since then I've been releasing singles through several labels and under various artist names. The sound design side of things started around the same time, first doing work for Emu Systems (APS Soundcard, XL1, XL7, PX-7, XK-6) then getting involved with Novation creating presets for the A-Station, Supernova II, KS series and more recently 150 sounds for the Ultranova. 
The first soft-synth company I did sound design for was Linplug and their excellent Albino and CronoX synths. Since then I've worked for the likes of Waldorf, Camel Audio, Image Line and Humanoid Sound Systems.
Which brings us to the present day where I've decided its a good time to start releasing quality banks directly myself.

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